Website Design
As a web designer, I have worked with a variety of businesses to create custom website designs. I work closely with copywriters, developers, project managers and stakeholders to create and maintain these sites. 
Along with creating custom websites, I have also worked with designing new web pages that utilize existing components and templates. This poses a unique set of challenges focused on creating designs that meet business needs while also working to fit within the existing, pre-determined parameters.
Promotional & Disruptive Design
At DICK'S, I am responsible for the creative of sitewide promotions with the goal to excite customers and drive conversion. This creative is utilized from e-commerce sitewide marketing, to email, to social media creative channels. 
Promotional designs focus on a clear message with custom imagery and branding. Lightbox/Pop-up designs are intended to disrupt the online customer while keeping them on the website where they were searching, and synchronously offering additional messaging to drive specific sales or messages. These components must be flexible in accommodating a variety of sitewide messages, across goals of conversion and awareness.
I also have had the opportunity to art direct on photoshoots for key promotional timeframes, like Black Friday and Cyber Week.

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